Kidron Hady Cohen

Life-situations in which we feel completely helpless when dealing with institutions or authorities that threaten and/or harm us require a strong and experienced advocate. At times it may be an offensive employer who mistreats us, uses his authority to prevent us from receiving the wages to which we are entitled, or makes unreasonable demands. Other times it may be the Ministry of the Interior imposing massive bureaucratic procedures upon us, often accompanied by a demeaning attitude, when we wish to cohabit with a life-partner who is not an Israeli resident. It may also be a big firm that is not providing the service for which we have paid or are paying, or maybe a commercial establishment that discriminates against us and humiliates us on the basis of our national origin, marital status, sexual preference, or any other indefensible reason.

At times we may be the victim of a serious criminal offense, yet when we turn to the police authorities for assistance, we meet with indifference and distrust. We are unable to move the judicial system to act in our favor.

Our offices were founded to assist and protect ordinary citizens in such situations. We accompany clients participating in legal proceedings involving authorities, firms and employers, and we represent them in financial suits and claims to ensure they receive what they are entitled to.

The attorneys at Kidron Hady Cohen come from backgrounds of social action and aid to others; we believe in providing personal care and attention – in listening to and empowering our clients. Every individual is entitled to a positive legal defense against injustices to realize the right to live, work, and love with respect. This is why Kidron Hady Cohen is here.


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